No school in Duluth Tuesday after 6th-grader sends superintendent cookies asking for another snow day

A Duluth sixth-grader sent a note and cookies to the superintendent, asking for another snow day.

There's no school in Duluth on Tuesday after a spring snowstorm dumped several inches of snow across much of Minnesota. 

This comes after a sixth-grader sent Duluth Public Schools Superintendent John Magas a note and some cookies, urging him to call another snow day. Duluth Public Schools posted photos of the note and cookies to social media on Monday, saying Superintendent Magas was "still weighing the options" about calling another snow day, "But it seems one sixth-grader is trying to sweeten him up with cookies in hopes of getting a second snow day."

The note the sixth-grader sent reads:

"Dear Superintendent Magas, 

"These cookies are a symbol of gratitude for today's snow day. I understand that safety is the main concern but you also brought a lot of joy. 

"At this point in the day, only you can know whether these are a thank-you for today or a bribe for tomorrow.


"Your neighbor (and a sixth-grader)." 

The district did end up calling a snow day for Tuesday, saying "The cookies in no way influenced this decision but also did not hurt it either."