Drug overdose deaths in Minnesota increased by 216 in 2020

Two hundred and sixteen more Minnesotans died from drug overdoses in 2020 than did in 2019, the Minnesota Department of Health says.

In 2020, 1,008 Minnesotans died from drug overdoses. In 2019, that number was 792.

Between 2020 and 2019, data show a 59 percent increase in opioid-involved deaths, rising from 412 to 654 last year.

Synthetic opioid deaths, including fentanyl, increased 81 percent last year. Synthetic opioids were involved in 82 percent of all opioid-related deaths.

Non-opioid drug overdose deaths also increased between 2019 and 2020. Psychostimulant deaths, including methamphetamine, increased 44 percent. Cocaine overdose deaths increased 41 percent during the same time, too.