Driver speeds by deputy while on phone with open White Claw, bag of weed in the car

A driver in Vermillion Township did just about everything wrong, according to the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office.

In a Facebook post titled, ‘What not to do in Dakota County,” the sheriff’s office outlined a traffic stop on Highway 61 Tuesday where the driver was issued multiple citations.

According to the post, the driver passed an unmarked squad car at 71 mph in a 55 mph zone with a cellphone up to her ear.

When the deputy got to the window, they smelled marijuana, saw a bag of weed and noticed an open White Claw hard seltzer drink.

“C’mon people really?” the sheriff's office wrote in the Facebook post. 

The deputy issued the driver multiple citations including violating the new hands-free law, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing drugs.