Driver forces car through crowd during Minneapolis protest on Kim Potter trial

As jury selection began on Tuesday for the Kim Potter trial in the death of Daunte Wright, a protest honoring Wright outside the Hennepin County Government Center was disrupted as a driver forced their car through a crowd.

A FOX 9 photojournalist covering the rally witnessed the driver move through the protest shortly after 5 p.m., as marchers moved through the streets of downtown Minneapolis. The rally started outside the Hennepin County Government Center shortly before 5 p.m., with activists calling for justice in the killing of Daunte Wright. Wright died after being shot by Potter, a now-former Brooklyn Center police officer, during a traffic stop last April.

During the march, it appears the driver forced the car through the crowd as marchers yelled for them to stop. Videos posted to social media show one marcher jumping onto the vehicle and ending up on the roof until the driver slowed near the next intersection. That person was able to safely dismount from the car after being carried down the block. Other marchers pounded on the car's windows and shouted at the driver before the driver was able to speed away down the bisecting street.

It doesn't appear anyone was seriously hurt during the incident.

A Minneapolis police spokesperson tells FOX 9 that they learned of the incident after the fact via videos posted online. As of 6 p.m., no one from the protest had filed a report on the incident. As the march appears to be unsanctioned by the city, police say it's unclear what further action will be taken in the case.

The MPD spokesperson adds police were monitoring the protest from a distance and protesters took measures to protect the group from further disruptions.

On day one of jury selection, four jurors were seated and the defense revealed Potter will testify on her own behalf during the trial.