Downtown Stillwater streets flooded after water main break, rising river covers banks

Downtown Stillwater businesses and streets flooded after a water main break on Wednesday, according to the Public Works Department for the City of Stillwater. 

Footage taken by Anthony Gilbert from Melt Pizza Company shows flooding in the basement restaurant as well as the city sidewalks. The pizzeria, along with other businesses, was forced to close for the day.

Photo taken by Tim Palm from Daily Grind Coffee shows water covering the area.  (Supplied)

At the same time, the forecast shows water levels on the St. Croix River are high with flooding observed along the banks. 

City officials say flooding in the area is normal but is just a couple months delayed because of a lack of snow to melt. Instead, this flooding is due to recent rain. 

Stillwater Public Works said that the river crested Sunday and has since gone down aabout a foot. Officials are also expecting a 1-to-2-foot drop over the next seven days, but weekend rain could change that. 

Photos submitted by those in the area show water rising above decks and marinas.

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Photos show St. Croix River flooding in Stillwater (Supplied). 

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