Dog that cried 'endlessly' at shelter gets good news

A dog that "cried endlessly" at a shelter in Indiana got good news. 

Major, a 4-year-old terrier pitbull mix from Indiana, is finally going home. 

He had been at the Humane Society for Hamilton County for 258 days when the shelter shared that he was in need of a family. 

Major was brought in as a stray but had a microchip. Shelter employees were able to contact his family who said they would come pick him up promptly but ended up being no-shows.

"Major has been here ever since," a shelter employee told FOX TV Stations


FILE - Major seen inside his kennel. (Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana))

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Video shared by the shelter showed Major lying on his bed with very sad eyes, and employees said he "cried endlessly" since being inside the kennels causes him so much stress. 

Over the weekend, the shelter shared some "MAJOR" news on social media – that he had been adopted. 

"As he walked out the door with his new family, we couldn't help but feel a major-sized hole in our hearts, but it's quickly filled with happiness knowing that he's found his perfect match," the shelter wrote

They shared a touching video of Major making the rounds to get goodbye pats and cuddles from staff before walking out the door with his new family.

This story was reported from Detroit. Catherine Stoddard contributed.