Documents shed light on Stone Temple Pilots frontman's death

Last month, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland was found dead inside his current band’s tour bus in Bloomington.

New documents and photos, provided to Fox 9 by the Bloomington Police Department, show what bandmates and crew members told police, and what investigators found in the bus.         

Two days after Weiland played his last concert, a 911 dispatcher received a frantic call.

“We have a tour bus parked out front of the lot and I have a guy that I-I-I think he's dead. He's not moving. He's stiff,” the caller told 9-1-1 dispatch. "I mean he's, he's like hard as rock right now."

Weiland was pronounced dead inside the bus.    

Police would note the bus was neat -- band members names were on bunks and doors, including Weiland's bedroom in the back of the bus where has was found in his bed.       

In the bus, investigators found marijuana, prescription drugs, and cocaine. Band and crew told police Weiland had been drinking vodka and tequila quite heavily, was taking the heroin-blocker Subloxone, and prescriptions. They also said he used cocaine as recently as a week before his deaths, and took the drug, molly, a day or two before his death.   

In a statement, an investigator wrote, "All of the band members and its entourage were visibly upset" but longtime Weiland friend and band member Thomas Black, said he was also "not surprised that Weiland had died."

The medical examiner ruled the cause of death an accident saying he overdosed on cocaine, MDA, and alcohol.      

Thomas Black, Weiland friend and bandmate, was arrested for drug possession. A decision on whether to file charges is expected soon.