DJ equipment thieves thwarted by social media post

This Buffalo-based DJ lost all of his equipment when it was stolen from a trailer, but a Facebook post about the theft led to the recovery of it all. 

A DJ from Buffalo went from the lowest of feelings, to a feeling of pure joy, all in less than a week. 

His name is Josh Johnson and he DJ’s hundreds of events.

"It’s just amazing, the energy, just seeing people connecting and seeing people smiling," Johnson said. 

Still, last year Johnson’s business Soulful Sounder took a big hit because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I lost about 80% of my business," Johnson explained. Because of that he had chosen not to renew his business insurance, trying to get by. Then, on Tuesday morning, he woke up to a shock.

"Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this," Johnson said. "Just disappointment, you feel a little violated."

Johnson had backed his equipment trailer up against a tree to prevent it from being opened; but thieves cut the tree and the trailer’s lock. More than $10,000 in equipment had been stolen. 

"Then your mind starts racing because you know I’m finally getting back to work now after a very tough year," he added.

So he got on Facebook and shared a list of all that been taken.

"The Facebook post is what made all the difference," Johnson said.

By Saturday, Josh got a message from Guitar Center in Maple Grove. They had seen his post, and now someone was there trying to sell Johnson’s gear.

"Sure enough, a majority, I’d say about 70% of what was taken was there," Johnson said. "It was just crazy, the power of social media is really something… I mean it’s incredible."

Johnson says now he is just thankful to have his equipment back.

"I don't hold any ill will towards them," he told FOX 9.