Disney Plus streaming service to launch later this year

Courtesy: Disney

Forget the "Disney Vault": you'll soon be able to watch every single Disney movie on demand.

According to CNET, Disney's highly anticipated streaming service called Disney Plus will launch later this year with "the entire Disney motion picture library" at users' fingertips, CEO Bog Iger said.

That means nearly 100 years of Disney movies, from classics like "Snow White" to recent movies like "Frozen." The new service will also be home to the "Star Wars" film franchise, as well as Marvel and Pixar movies.

Previously, film fans could only buy Disney's movies for a limited time before they "disappeared into the Disney Vault." But with the new streaming service, the vault will be no more.

It also will signal the end of Disney's streaming deal with Netflix.

Iger said all of Disney's new films will go on Disney Plus with one year of their theatrical release. The entertainment giant also plans to offer Star Wars and Marvel series specifically for the streaming service.

The company has not confirmed how much the monthly subscription fee will cost, but said the price will be less than Netflix.

While an official release date has not yet been announced, Disney said the service will launch in late 2019.