Death of George Musser: Stillwater bar charged with serving underage patrons

The Stillwater bar that allegedly served alcohol to an underage man, who went missing and was later found dead on Christmas Day, is now facing criminal charges.

Charges filed last week accuse Brian's Bar and Grill, as a business entity, of selling liquor to a person under age 21 and allowing a person under 21 to drink liquor on its premise.

Musser went missing on Christmas Eve 2022 after leaving Brian's Bar in the early morning hours, shortly after closing. Musser was said to only be wearing a flannel shirt, jeans, and a cap in subzero temperatures. His car was left behind, along with his keys which were discovered in a dumpster. His wallet was found in a nearby snowbank.

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The search for Musser brought in dozens of volunteers assisting in the search. Musser was ultimately found dead the following evening in a wooded area near the Bayport Wildlife Management Area, 2.5 miles from the bar.

The charges alleged that Musser's mother called the bar two weeks before his death asking them to stop illegally serving her son and other underage individuals. A manager assured Musser's mother they were aware of the problem. However, on December 23, Musser was able to enter the bar without having his identification checked. The charges state the bar sold Musser and other underage patrons alcohol that night.

Police said it appeared Musser died from cold exposure.

FOX 9 has reached out to state officials about the status of the bar's liquor license.