Deadlines approaching to remove ice fishing houses off Minnesota lakes

The Minnesota DNR is reminding anglers that the ice fishing season is coming to a close. With temperatures rising, that means it'll soon be time get all that gear off the lakes.

For the southern two-thirds of the state, including the metro, the deadline to remove ice fishing shelters is Monday, March 7. People can continue to go ice fishing after Monday, but shelters can't be left out on the ice unattended overnight.

The DNR is also reminding anglers to clean up trash as they pack up their gear.

Each year, lakes are often left littered with everything from empty beer cans and spent propane canisters to debris from abandoned make-shift shelters. There has been a growing problem in recent years of people leaving trash behind when they remove their shelters, polluting the lakes and creating hazards.

Anyone who leaves an ice house on the lake after Monday's deadline could face a fine or have their shelter confiscated.

Anglers in northern Minnesota have a little more time as their deadline to remove empty overnight shelters is March 21.

Find more information on the DNR's website here

Deadlines to remove ice fishing houses

Inland waters

  • South of line: March 7, 2022
  • North of line: March 21, 2022

Border waters

  • Minnesota-Iowa: Feb. 20
  • Minnesota-Wisconsin: March 1
  • Minnesota-North and South Dakota: March 5
  • Minnesota-Canada: March 31

(Minnesota DNR)