Daughters share mother's love of stitching at Burnsville garage sale

Tucked away near the back of this Burnsville garage sale sits piles upon piles of old-fashioned, flour sack dish towels, each stitch lovingly sewn by Janice Beguhn. 

Jill Beguhn-Sorteberg, one of her three daughters, says sewing and stitching have always been a part of her mom's life, making everything from draperies to wedding dresses - even hats. 

"She he just did it all by hand," said Beguhn-Sorteberg. 

But it was hand-sewn dish towels that always held a special place in Janice's heart. Never one to sit still, adorning these towels with cute cats or tiny teddy bears gave her something fun to focus on when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and later passed away from the disease. 

"This was really her sanity. This is what she did for joy, this is what she did to keep herself focused," said Beguhn-Sorteberg. 

Janice was then faced with health struggles of her own. Diagnosed with dementia and later Alzheimer's, it became evident over the last couple of years she could no longer live on her own. The garage sale marks the closing of a chapter, but also a chance to spread a little happiness. 

"This is joy right here...complete joy, and to sell these to people and give them joy, that's what she would want," said Beguhn-Sorteberg. 

Several groups approached the family, wanting to buy all the thousands of towels, but that was a non-starter.

"We won't sell them that way. This is mom's joy, and this is to share with people," said Beguhn-Sorteberg.

Although dementia and Alzheimer's have stolen parts of her memory, Janice's hands still remember how to stitch. Her legacy and her love will continue to shine on through these handmade towels and the people who get to enjoy them now.