Danny Heinrich seeks more time before indictment on child pornography charges

Danny Heinrich, the person of interest named by the FBI in the 1989 disappearance of Jacob Wetterling, wants more time to defend himself against federal child pornography charges.

Detectives had more than three months since they raided Heinrich’s home in Annandale, Minn. and found more than 100 images of child pornography in three ring binders.

Now, Heinrich and his attorney are seeking a delay in the case to give them more time to prepare a defense.

In a court affidavit signed by Heinrich on Monday, he waved his right to a speedy trial. 

"The allegations against me are extremely serious,” Heinrich wrote in the affidavit. “I feel that I need more time than the Speedy Trial Act allows consulting with my attorneys, review and discussing the allegations against me and understand the next steps in my case."

Heinrich was arrested on Oct. 27, meaning prosecutors would need to have grand jury indictment on Nov. 24.  In asking for a 30 day extension, that deadline now moves to Dec. 22.

Heinrich is charged with possession of child pornography. However, the end game is clearly much bigger, with DNA linking him to the abduction and assault of Jared Schierel in Cold Spring, a case too old to prosecute. Tire tracks and a foot print also make him a person of interest in Wetterling’s abduction.