Dad receives over 15,000 calls, texts after sons' birthday billboard prank

A New Jersey father had to get a new phone number after a billboard advertising his birthday and number went up on Black Horse Pike.

The billboard, which features a silhouetted image of Chris Ferry's face alongside his now defunct phone number, was a prank engineered by his two loving sons.

"WISH MY DAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY," the sign reads.

Since the billboard went up on Thursday, Ferry has received more than 15,000 texts and phone calls from people who have seen the Atlantic City billboard or heard about it via social media.

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FOX 29 spoke with Ferry's son, Chris, who lives in Florida with his brother, Michael. The masterminds behind the now-viral birthday prank explained that they have a history of birthday jokes with their father. This one, though, is their most far-reaching yet.

"It was a neat idea. I wish I would’ve thought of it," Ferry said.

Ferry turns 62 on Saturday.