Dad creates stunning Disney sidewalk art to brighten Lutz neighborhood

Even though Walt Disney World has been closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 lockdown, a local artist brought Disney characters to his neighborhood, creating portraits of Ariel, Lady and the Tramp, and others with sidewalk chalk.

Brian Morris, a construction project manager, Air Force veteran, artist, and father to two daughters, began tracing designs on the sidewalk squares in front of his home in Lutz, and was surprised by the positive reaction he received from his neighbors.

Using only basic chalk and water, Morris spent hours creating figures from Disney movies. The ‘Disney Fan Art Chalk Walk’ got the attention of his neighbors, and Morris was encouraged to continue drawing.

Another neighbor joined in, adding their own illustrations, which Morris photographed and shared on his Facebook page.

“It was an incredible feeling being able to provide so many with warm feelings and big smiles from such a simple gesture on my part,” Morris said.

After rain washed away the Disney portraits, Morris began creating an Avengers collection of chalk art.

Morris says he is looking for the next location to do a sidewalk mural in his neighborhood. “I feel I have more to give, and as long as it continues to bring smiles and help people forget about the issues at hand for a few minutes, then I will continue to try and do what I can to help,” he said.

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