Crews save sleeping man from rising floodwaters at Rochester park

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With help from a concerned citizen, crews were able to rescue a man who was trapped in floodwaters Saturday morning in Rochester, Minnesota.

According to authorities, at about 7 a.m., a concerned citizen called to report a person sleeping on a picnic table in Kutzky Park as floodwaters continued to rise. Police responded to the area and found waters from the Cascade Creek rapidly rising with significant current. They requested the fire department to help rescue the man on the table.

Responding firefighters were able to wade in and reach the man on the picnic table, which was nearly covered by the moving water. The crews then placed a personal flotation device and helmet on the victim and walked him to shore where he was evaluated by personnel.

Officials placed barricades to keep others from entering the affected area.

"We had the right people at the right time," said Marcus Gudgell with the Rochester Fire Department.

Rochester firefighter Marcus Gudgell and his team rushed into action wearing special suits for the water.

Photos of the rescue capture the moments they saved the man whose name is protected by privacy laws.

"They were definitely disorientated. I don’t think they really understood the gravity of the situation they were in as the water continued to rise," said Gudgell.

Rising waters across Rochester have hit others this summer, as well.

"This is for sure the most flooded I've ever seen it," said Jacob Hanson.

Just last week, a MnDOT crew saved Jacob Hanson after he got trapped on a flooded road while driving a friend to the airport in the dark.

"It was scary in the moment, for sure. It makes me happy to live in the City of Rochester that have the protective forces to come and help us out in times like those."

"It's what we're here for," Gudgell said. "We're here to protect our citizens."

The man who was rescued was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Neighbors tell us the water is starting to go down. No firefighters got hurt during the rescue.