Couple enlists help to find missing wedding ring at Twin Cities Harvest Festival

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Photo by Candace McGuire. 

The Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Corn Maze is a fall tradition for many Minnesotans, but for one couple, the experience didn’t go as planned. Candace McGuire of Andover, Minn. has spent the better part of the week looking for her wedding ring, which she lost in the festival’s corn pit on Sunday.

McGuire and her husband Jeff had just gotten married in May and McGuire said her ring carries a lot of sentimental value. The harvest festival gave the couple permission to search the giant corn pit after hours in hopes of finding the ring.

McGuire said she’s been going back to the festival all week to search for her missing ring. On Friday night, she enlisted the help of a handful of family members to aid her search.

The crew used a metal detector to comb the corn pit, which measures 60 feet by 60 feet and is 3 feet deep. McGuire said she found six other people’s wedding rings, as well as a set of car keys, but not her own.

“Six other people will be happy,” McGuire and her husband said of the rings, which they turned in to harvest festival employees so they could be reunited with their owners. “Hopefully it brings us good karma.” 

The couple isn’t giving up hope of finding the ring. McGuire said the festival employees often recover many lost items when they dismantle the corn pit at the end of the season.