Corgis and cupcakes sweeten up Canterbury Park

Canterbury Park kicked off the Canterbury Carnival with “Corgis and Cupcakes” Saturday afternoon.

The pups’ little legs flew down the track in between horse races. 

Corgis aren't known for their speed, but their owners coaxing them with treats and toys at the finish line was the only motivation they needed! 

It was perhaps the sweetest day of racing all season—not only were there Corgi races, the Cupcake and Cookie Festival was also at Canterbury. Spectators could taste sweets from around the Twin Cities while watching the races. 

It's not Tedford Woofington's first win! 

"We're so excited, Teddy loves this," said Kelsey Binder, Tedford Woofington's owner. "The highlight of his year is these corgi races. And you can tell as soon as he steps in the gate that it's everything he's been waiting for. He's just found his true calling in corgi racing." 

Did you miss the Corgi races? Fear not! They’ll be back for a Corgi Encore Wednesday, July 4.