Conviction overturned in Minneapolis Realtor murder

The conviction of a woman for her role in a high-profile Minneapolis murder case of a Realtor has been thrown out by a court.

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Elsa Segura, convicted of aiding and abetting the murder of local real estate agent Monique Baugh, is entitled to a new trial.

The ruling comes as the justices found that the trial judge made an error in jury instructions regarding accomplice liability.

Segura was convicted for her role in assisting her boyfriend and several others in a conspiracy to murder Baugh more than four years ago.

Baugh was kidnapped from a fake home showing and then killed. The evidence revealed that Segura made calls to set up the showing, which lured Baugh to a home for sale in Maple Grove.

Currently serving a life sentence, Segura appealed her convictions.

Following Wednesday's decision, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office released the following statement: 

"Following the Minnesota Supreme Court opinion issued today, the case reverts to its status just before the trial. Ms. Segura will be transported back to Hennepin County jail to face the remaining counts of first-degree murder while committing a kidnapping and kidnapping to commit great bodily harm or terrorize. Bail will be set by a judge and the case will proceed through the normal case process."