Concerns raised about St. Anthony Police before shooting

Officer-involved shooting in Falcon Heights, Minn. Wednesday night.

Retired law professor Joseph Olson just had an uneasy feeling about watching the Facebook video from this week's deadly traffic stop in Falcon Heights.

"I thought to myself that could be me," said Joseph Olson, a permit to carry advocate.

Olson, who teaches gun safety courses, vividly remembers being pulled over by Saint Anthony Police just a couple of years ago. The stop for a minor violation stood out.

He recalls a nervous officer, who was badly positioned to see what was happening in the front seat of his Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows.

"I'm going to try and calm this down,” he remembers thinking. “And I started to manage him.”

Olson was so concerned by the officer's actions; he eventually took his worries to the Saint Anthony Police Chief.

He tells Fox 9, the officer who pulled him over was not Jeronimo Yanez, the man who killed Philando Castile.

Even so, Olson felt he had to report his experience to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension this week.

As for Yanez, sources tell Fox 9 he has remained holed up in his Vadnais Heights home, where the shades are drawn and personnel from the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office are keeping watch.

Yanez's attorney did not return phone calls or emails on Friday.