Community concerned over increased gun violence in Minneapolis' Jordan neighborhood

Residents in Minneapolis' Jordan neighborhood are concerned over the number of shootings that have taken place there over the past several weeks. Now, they are calling on the community and city leaders to help improve the situation.

Belkis Cruz has lived in the Jordan neighborhood since February, but a stray bullet struck her house three weeks ago and she’s worried her family will eventually get caught in the crossfire.

“I’m scared. I’m shaking. I don’t even like to step out right now. I don't need to live in fear in my own home."

Cruz’s security cameras captured what sounds like a barrage of gunshots nearby late Sunday night into Monday morning.

Minneapolis police said in that span, a bullet hit a woman in the stomach inside her house near 31st and Humboldt. ShotSpotter reported four gunshots in the 3600 block of Colfax Avenue North where a man transported himself to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. And, someone also shot a transformer at 29th and Aldrich, leaving more than 2,000 people – including Cruz - without power.

"I just immediately started to shake and then I was in tears. I couldn't help myself," Cruz said.

Statistics show the number of violent crimes in the Jordan neighborhood are up significantly so far this year, compared to the last two years, but they are about the same or below where they were in 2016 and 2017.

Minneapolis Police said they are trying to get the guns off the streets but need cooperation from the community to stop the shootings.

“People know what happened in the vast majority of our crimes. We need people's help; we need people to decide enough is enough and to speak up."

But, Cruz said city leaders need to do more to make her feel safe in her community.

"This is a cry for help. I need someone to come and tell us we have something better to look forward to."