Church held in Andover cinema looking for new home

The popcorn is popping and theater No. 5 at Andover Cinema is always packed.

It’s always packed on Sunday mornings. Six years ago, North Star Community Church started using the theater as a meeting spot and it has been a good fit.

The church was started by husband and wife pastors John and Shannon Velsor – a two-person team where one certainly balances the other.

They wanted to give “church” a makeover, so the setting is just right.

"When people come in they know right from the get-go we are out of the box and it's going to be different and it's not going to be what you traditionally expect when you walk into a church,” Shannon said.

This particular Sunday -- the sermon was about not be able to predict the future, which is appropriate because the church is trying to figure out its own future.

The movie theater is about to undergo renovations that will displace the church for a while. But, even when renovations are done, the new seating won’t accommodate the 200-plus church members.

So, North Star is on the hunt.

“We want a facility that can give us the opportunity to grow. We also want a facility that can be used in the community,” John said.

They don't need another movie theater or anything quirky -- they just need a nice fit in the Andover area.

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