Chisago County ice rescue: Mom, daughter and dog saved after dog breaks through ic

A mom, daughter and dog were rescued after their dog, named Blue, fell through the ice in Chisago County, and then the mom and daughter got stuck trying to save the dog.

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook Friday about the incident, and used it as a reminder to all that the ice is not safe at all. If Blue fell through, you could too. 

The incident happened Thursday afternoon. The sheriff's office took a call from a mom and daughter who were struggling out on the ice while trying to rescue Blue, who had fallen into the cold water. 

The trio eventually made it to a nearby canoe, and they were pulled to dry land by neighbors and a sheriff's deputy. The rescue was captured on bodycam footage (watch it in the player above).

Blue had a chilly swim, but was otherwise OK, the sheriff's office said.