Child in critical condition after being shot in north Minneapolis

Police say a child was the victim of a shooting in north Minneapolis on Friday. (FOX 9)

Police say a child was critically wounded Friday afternoon after a shooting in north Minneapolis.

Investigators were called around 2 p.m. after the victim was brought to North Memorial Medical Center after the shooting. Police later learned the shooting had occurred in the area of 34th Avenue and North Morgan Avenue in the Folwell neighborhood.

At the scene, police say they've found multiple shots were fired during the incident, including some into a vehicle with the child inside.

"The individuals operating the car decided it would be most prudent to go straight to the hospital and not wait for emergency help here," said Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder.

Elder says the child was shot multiple times. Officers say they were able to locate the shooting scene with help from ShotSpotter.

Police were unable to provide information on the suspects involved in the case. Police were also unable to give the exact age of the child but said the boy was not a teen.