Charges: St. Cloud woman killed dad, fled to Kentucky

Officials have located and arrested a 38-year-old St. Cloud woman for the murder of her father at their home on Jan. 4

Officers found the body of Jeffrey Schilling, 66, during a welfare check on the 300 block of 21st Ave. N. Officers observed a large amount of blood pooling near the head of the victim along with several other blood splatters in the room, according to the criminal complaint.

The preliminary autopsy report says Schilling died from cranio-cerebral injuries from blunt force trauma. Police found a short-handed maul at the scene.

Schilling’s daughter, Lisa May Kearney, lived with her father, but was not at the home when police arrived. She is believed to have had a strained relationship with her father, according the report.

Kearney was found and arrested in Louisville, Ky. on Jan. 5. She is currently being held by authorities in Kentucky.

Kearney has been charged with second degree murder.