Celebrate later, Vikings say—there's a game to win

Head Coach Mike Zimmer and the Vikings are ready to move on. 

Just three days after what was dubbed "The Miracle in Minneapolis," the coaching staff and players say they're focused on their game against Philadelphia Sunday, even if fans can't stop watching the fairytale ending of last week's game.

"That was three days ago, it's time to move on to Philadelphia," Zimmer said--and quarterback Case Keenum agrees.

"Are we proud of what we accomplished? Heck yeah," he said at a press conference Wednesday. "Do we have more ahead of us to focus on? Heck yeah."

It's not a huge change of pace for the quarterback--or for Stefon Diggs, the man on the receiving end of the last-minute, game-winning pass, both of whom have stayed pretty low-key about the whole thing. 

"I've tried to treat this week as any normal Monday and Tuesday," Keenum said. 

"I try to take everything with a grain of salt," Diggs added.

Sure they've been deluged with calls, texts, thoughts and prayers in the roughly 72 hours since Diggs crossed into the endzone at U.S. Bank Stadium as time expired, sending Minneapolis into a frenzy and upping the stakes immensely for their game against the Eagles this week. But it's all in a day's work for Keenum & Co., who even took some time Wednesday to joke about his matchup with longtime friend and newfound rival Nick Foles next week.

"I know this is what all you guys predicted back in the day--a Keenum/Foles NFC Championship," he said. "Good for all you guys who predicted that."

But keeping in mind the task at hand, the overlying message from Vikings players and personnel is that there will be time--later--to celebrate. For now, there are more highlights yet to make.

"You can’t live in that moment any more," defensive end Everson Griffin said. "This is the next big moment and you never know what could happen."