CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Columbus, Minn. gas station robbery

He’s armed, dangerous and took off with hundreds in cash from the Holiday gas station on Lake Drive in Columbus, Minn.

The suspect is so cavalier, he’s now the star of Anoka County Sheriff’s first surveillance footage reveal shared exclusively on social media.

“He had the gun leveled at both clerks and almost immediately took a real aggressive, hostile stance towards them,” Anoka County Sheriff’s Commander Paul Sommer told FOX 9.

Tens of thousands have already viewed the surveillance video on Facebook of the scary May 26 stick-up. At 1:19 a.m. surveillance cameras captured the suspect, who is believed to be about 5’10 and 170lbs, raging inside the Holiday gas station on Lake Drive with a black hand gun. A gun - he almost immediately pointed with his finger on the trigger.

“He’s just one sympathetic response away from pulling that trigger and committing murder,” nodded Sommer.

The clerks wasted no time. Just as quickly as the suspect stormed in he took off with drawers of cash.

“No vehicle was seen. The suspect simply entered on foot and left on foot,” Sommer informed.

On Friday morning, the Anoka County Sheriff’s Commander posted the surveillance footage to Facebook and Twitter. This is the first time they’ve shared surveillance video exclusively on social media.

Key about this decision? The video is edited to point out distinct identifiers. The suspect wore a two-toned snapback hat, a bandana, an h-shaped belt buckle, bracelet, black shoes and no apparent socks.

“Accessories like that are something one would tend to wear often including that hat. It’s a two-toned silver and black snap back trucker type hat,” detailed Sommer.

Sheriff’s deputies have yet to make an arrest. With your help the suspect will get busted before he strikes again.

“It’s pretty likely that he will. He seemed to know what he was doing,” said Sommer.

If you see or know where the suspect is do not approach him.

Instead simply call the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office right away at (763) 323-5000.