Businesses, authorities brace for more flooding along Mississippi River

With water levels rising on the Mississippi River, cities across the Twin Cities metro aren't taking any chances when it comes to flooding preparation. Some areas, like St. Paul, are already feeling the effects.

“Friday was kind of our last ditch effort to bring everything in, save everything we could,” said Dara Filosa, the manager of the Pool and Yacht Club in Lilydale.

When the river started rising over the weekend, staff at the club had to move quickly.

“We thought we had a few more days and it came up within 24 hours,” said Filosa.

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, flooding is nothing new, but they say this is the worst they have seen since 2014.

“When you’re standing in our basement, it’s halfway up your body,” said Filosa.

Before the end of the week, it’s expected to only get worse. In St. Paul, floodwaters are already more than three feet above flood stage. They’re set to rise another three feet by the end of the week.

“We plan for these type of events, we rehearse, exercise for these type of events and now it’s time to respond and put those action plans in place,” said Rick Schute, the St. Paul director of emergency management.

At Harriet Island Park, where the Pavilion is now an island, many have come to snap photos and see it for themselves. But St. Paul officials say getting close to the flood water is unsafe and not advised.

“The closer you get to the water, the greater the danger,” said Schute.

At the club in Lilydale, even the extensive cleanup that will come once the waters recede is a price they are willing to pay.

“It is worth it,” said Filosa. “It’s the price we pay for the view.”