Burglars use snowstorm as cover to rob Twin Cities bakery

An historic April snowstorm sent much of the state into a frenzy this weekend, but it was more than a minor inconvenience for one bakery in St. Louis Park after burglars used the opportunity to break in while the owner, like many others, found herself stuck on the freeway. 

In the process, those same burglars did serious damage to Muddy Paw Cheescake--though to everyone's surprise they didn't even take any of the business' signature cheesecake.

“I’ve never even seen a burglary like this, it was just unreal the amount of damage,” said Muddy Paw Owner Tami Cabrera. “The damage they did and the amount of harm they caused is so astronomical to what they received.”

The burglars entered the building through the ceiling, bringing down lighting fixtures and wiring in the process, all expensive fixes considering the amount they stole--just $100 in cash.

Cabrera, however, is more mad about the fact that her cake was still late to the wedding--a first for her after 25 years running the bakery.

Luckily, she's been overwhelmed by the community's support, with another nearby bakery reaching out to help and a GoFundMe page nearing its $12,000 goal.

The incident is still under investigation by the St. Louis Park Police Department, and anyone with information about the break-in are urged to call 952-924-2618.