Bumpy ride: Motorists deal with pothole-dotted roads across the Twin Cities

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If you’ve driven on I-94 or I-35W near downtown Minneapolis lately, you’ve probably noticed it’s quite the bumpy ride.

Most of the main arteries on Twin Cities’ streets are full of potholes.

“It’s a little bit like Mad Max, but it’s wet,” said Alissa Harrington, a motorist.

The warmer temperatures, coupled with rain and standing water have paved the way for potholes.

“It’s hard. It’s like, you’re almost trying to avoid them,” said Marcus, another driver out on the roads Thursday.

“It’s tough, yes, and they’re all over the road, too,” added Alex Ditolla, whose car was damaged by a pothole.

Ditolla’s Volkswagon Gulf took a hard hit near I-35W and 36 Street at the start of the evening rush hour, where the ruts are nearly impossible to avoid.

“I saw this pothole in the way, but I had no space or time to get out of the way and I immediately hit it and it just popped,” he said.

The potential danger is driving some people to social media to warn others to steer clear of the area.

Responding to a flood of pothole complains, MnDOT closed the right lane of I-94 eastbound between Third Avenue and the Portland Tunnel until Saturday.

“It’s definitely dangerous,” said Harrington. “It’s not a good place to be driving high speeds.”

As road crews work to refill potholes, with the rain, it’s likely just a short-term fix.

“Whether they are actually filled or whether there be signs put up at least, some warning would be welcome,” Harrington added.

“I’m just going to be more cautious, for sure,” said Ditolla.