Buck rescued after locking antlers with other deer

A buck that was locked in a deadly battle got a second chance on life thanks to the work of two Minnesota conservation officers.

Friday night, Chase Haas, who lives near Hector, Minnesota, saw the buck in his corn patch. At first, Haas thought it was dragging a piece of trash, but then he realized it was in fact a dead deer. He quickly reported it to the DNR.

Lt. Wayne Hatlestad and CO Brett Wiltrout responded. Within about ten minutes, they were able to untangle the pair. The surviving buck ran off once it was free.

“Pretty amazing," said Haas. "I’m still trying to process it. To see that happen, it’s once-in-a-lifetime.”

As for the deer that didn't make it, Haas says his family got to harvest the meat.

Last week, DNR officers in the Rochester area had two separate two bucks as well. In that case, both deer were expected to survive.