Brother of former fiancé shocked to hear Texas woman accused of killing another romantic partner

The brother of David Bragg is shocked after authorities in northern Minnesota are taking a second look at his 2018 death investigation after David’s former fiancé was recently indicted on murder charges in the death of her current husband in Texas.

Daniel Bragg says his brother David was the oldest of eight siblings, five of whom were adopted. But Daniel says recent developments have brought back painful memories of how the avid outdoorsman and air force veteran lost his life.

"It just was out of his character to the 10th degree. It didn't make any sense to us," said Daniel Bragg.

Daniel says David had only lived in Garfield, Minnesota, near Alexandria for about six months, when his fiancé, Sarah Hartsfield, shot and killed him five years ago. The Douglas County attorney found that Hartsfield, whose last name was Donohue at the time, shot David in self-defense and declined to press charges in David's death.

"I knew the relationship was deteriorating, but we're all adults. I figured a relationship will deteriorate naturally in the right way. Unfortunately, I was wrong in that situation, and it definitely went as bad as it could," said Bragg.

Authorities in Douglas County reopened their investigation into David's death after Hartsfield was charged with murdering her husband Joe Hartsfield in suburban Houston. Daniel says it's a shame someone else had to pass away for his brother's death to get a second look.

"I'm no longer sad in regards to David. I've had time to mourn that. It's more of an anger, a feeling that I have in regards to it," said Bragg.

Daniel knows reopening his brother's case won't bring David back, but it could bring some justice to his loved ones and maybe help prevent Hartsfield from hurting anyone else.

"I hope that she gets exactly what she needs to get in order to be stopped," said Bragg.