Body camera video leak in George Floyd case under investigation

The Hennepin County District Court is working with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office to determine how two body camera videos connected to the George Floyd case were leaked to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail posted the footage online Monday. The videos appeared to be shot on a cell phone by someone at a laptop set up in courthouse for in-person viewing, which currently is the only way to view the footage. A media coalition, however, has been pushing for the full, public release of the videos. Judge Peter Cahill has not yet issued an order regarding the media's motion to release the footage.

The two videos were submitted on July 7 in former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane's case. 

On Memorial Day, George Floyd died in custody of Minneapolis police. Bystander video showed one officer pressing his knee into Floyd's neck, while Floyd stated he could not breathe. The four Minneapolis police officers involved in the case were fired and are all facing charges connected to the incident.