Bloomberg expands Minnesota footprint as part of Super Tuesday push

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 30: Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks about affordable housing during a campaign event where he received an endorsement from District of Columbia Mayor, Muriel Bowser, on J

On Tuesday, voters in New Hampshire will head to the polls to decide on a Democratic candidate. However, while other candidates have their eyes on the Granite State, Mike Bloomberg is laying groundwork in other major states, including Minnesota.

Bloomberg is self-funding his presidential campaign, and he's using those resources to establish himself in Super Tuesday states.

"We’re here in Minnesota because we care about what Minnesotans are struggling with," said Senior Bloomberg Campaign Advisor Tim O’Brien.

Saturday in St. Paul marked the opening of the newest campaign office for the Democratic presidential candidate.  By next Monday, the billionaire will have eight offices statewide.

Campaign officials say they’re putting the focus on Super Tuesday in March.

"We actually think about it as highly strategic and tactical," said O'Brien. "Donald Trump is running a general election campaign already. We’re in every state where he is plus dozens of others where he’s not."

Political science professor David Schultz says it’s a break from tradition that could pay off.

"On Super Tuesday, we have approximately 34 percent of all the delegates for the Democratic National Convention up in play," explained Schultz. "Even though he’s not entered Iowa or New Hampshire, some polls have him nationally at third or fourth. Many people are suspecting with his resources he could do exceedingly well."

Schultz says it's a callback to another candidate with deep pockets.

"He’s taking a non-traditional strategy, many people question that, but four years ago there was another billionaire named Donald Trump, who took a very non-traditional strategy and eventually got the nomination and won the presidency," Schultz said.

Bloomberg campaign officials say they plan to have ten field offices in Minnesota in the future.

Super Tuesday is on March 3.