Bikers head home as Sturgis motorcycle rally ends on Sunday

Bikers are headed home on Sunday as the 10-day Sturgis motorcycle rally comes to an end.

Thousands of motorcycles have descended on South Dakota over the last week plus. Before the festival, organizers expected a slightly smaller turnout than normal but still around 300,000 people to show up over the ten days.

Health experts have worried about the possibility of the rally leading to COVID-19 spread as attendees. Minnesotan health leaders asked anyone who went to the festival to voluntarily self-isolate for two weeks after returning home.

Minnesota bikers who attended the festival told FOX 9 they would take commonsense precaution to limit exposure to the virus, like wearing masks and avoiding hotspots.

Bikers also argued that attendees would spend a large amount of time riding, which would keep them

"Motorcycling is social distancing at 70 miles an hour," Minnesota biker Mary Smith said as the festival began.