Biden hears vaccination advice from Walz, other governors

A roundtable between President Joe Biden and some U.S. Governors, including Gov. Tim Walz. (

President Joe Biden talked with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Tuesday about how to reach people who are still unvaccinated. 

Biden reached out to a number of U.S. governors seeking strategy ideas for how to increase vaccinations among holdouts across the country. 

"I think you’re responsible," said Biden to Walz. "I know you are, for saving thousands of lives." 

During a virtual White House roundtable Tuesday, Walz said the state is making progress. 

"I’m proud to say we are 64 percent of your goal today Mr. President," said Walz. "I think we will be there. But I think all of us know this is going to be a little longer of a process, but folks are coming along." 

Vaccinations are slowing down. The latest data from the Minnesota Department of Health shows vaccinations peaked during the first week in April. They’re now down to slightly more than half that number. 

To get at those vaccine-hesitant segments, states are using different tactics. 

Maine Gov. Janet Mills says her state is offering a fishing or hunting license to get a shot, but other states, like Ohio, are taking to the streets. 

"We have some health departments literally out knocking on doors," said Gov. Mike DeWine. "We have mobile clinics going around." 

It’s part of the new emerging strategy of taking shots to where people live and play and that includes CHS Field in St. Paul. There, Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be given out as the Saints play the Iowa Cubs at 7:05 p.m.