Bethany Good allegedly used fake pregnancy to extort man she met online

According to a restraining order filed in Scott County in 2012, Bethany Good faked being pregnant following a tryst in an attempt to extort money from a man.

The order says Good, 35, demanded the man "do right by her" and repeatedly harassed him. It also notes that Good faces "harassment charges against her from past relationships."

Criminal charges filed last week in Ramsey County allege Good is still up to her old tricks. Though she's not currently in custody, Good faces a felony aggravated forgery charge and a gross misdemeanor false statement in a birth registration charge for allegedly trying to extort a man she met online earlier this year with another fake pregnancy.

According to the charges, in January, Good was ordered to report to jail for violating the Scott County restraining order. But she told the court she was pregnant with twins that were due in February and didn't show up to serve her sentence. A warrant was issued for her arrest, but it was quashed after "additional claims of pregnancy were made by Good."

But a short time later, "It was learned that law enforcement was investigation allegations that Good had met a man on-line, had intercourse with the man, then claimed to be pregnant in an attempt to solicit money from the man," the complaint says. Good was ordered to supply proof the twins she said were due in February had actually been born.

But despite repeated efforts -- Good even went as far as to provide the court with a photo of her and two infants an acquaintance told authorities Good actually delivered stillborn in late 2013 -- she couldn't produce any solid evidence. So Good was arrested last month.

She claimed to be pregnant once again, authorities say. Tests conducted at a hospital revealed she wasn't.

"Good was questioned about [the] male who said he had sex with Good on 2-15-2014 and that Good had subsequently claimed to have been impregnated," the complaint says. "She confirmed this story and had no explanation for how she could have become pregnant on 02-15-2014 and delivered twins on 02-28-2014."

While en route from the Edina hospital where the pregnancy test was conducted to Scott County Jail, "Good attempted to unbuckle her seatbelt and jump from the moving car," the complaint adds. Nonetheless, she was subsequently released from custody and is currently on the lam.

In addition to the Ramsey County charges, Good also faces forgery and contempt of court charges in Scott County.

A woman who has known Good for seven years tells Fox 9's Maury Glover, "What [Good] would do to men was astounding."

"I just don't know how you can fake twins and pregnancies," the woman says. "She actually told me she miscarried four babies, 'I'm in a hospital and I lost four babies'... I thought, who gets pregnant with four babies? This is insane."

"I would love to talk to her to find out her motive for all these lies on top of lies," the woman continues. "I can't imagine her being that desperate to fake pregnancies to get abortion money."