Bear plays game of copycat with boy at Nashville Zoo

A day at the Nashville Zoo turned into an adorable game of copycat when a bear came over to the exhibit glass and joined a little boy jumping up and down.

Ian, 5, is seen on video jumping in front of the glass, arms raised high, and the bear doing the same on the other side of the glass.

Ian's father, Patrick Parker, says his son, along with some other children, started jumping up and down when the bear went into the water. Then the bear came over to the glass and started jumping, too.

Patrick says Ian and the bear were jumping for about 10 minutes. He says the video he shot was toward the end of the jump session, and both the boy and bear were getting a little winded by then.

Patrick says they have a membership at the Nashville Zoo and visit often, and they have made a point to visit the fairly new bear exhibit when they do.