Bar owners fret over impact of new COVID-19 restrictions in Minneapolis

Saturday, new restrictions put in place due to COVID-19 went into effect, closing all indoor bar areas in the City of Minneapolis.

Mayor Jacob Frey announced the new set of restrictions this week after reported COVID-19 clusters linked to bars in the city.

The mayor's office says more than 50 percent of new cases in Minneapolis are patients under the age of 35.

The emergency regulation doesn't force bars to close their doors completely. Bar areas within restaurants will be closed, but table seating is allowed.

But for some owners, the restrictions will be difficult for businesses that were already struggling amid the pandemic.

"That’s all I have is bar space," argued Dan Jaros with Tony Jaros River Garden. "I don’t have tables, I can’t put people in my parking lot because people cut through here and they’re going to get killed if they’re out here drinking. So I have to close up and I’ve got 10 people that are going to lose their job at 5 o'clock." 

The City of Minneapolis says around 640 bars, brewpubs, taprooms, and adult entertainment businesses will be affected.