April Fool's Day shenanigans: From speed trap pranks to 'sports mode' police shoes

April Fool's Day did not disappoint as several agencies and companies around the world took part in pranks. 

While the origins of April Fools’ Day is still debate, there is no question of its embracement in contemporary jokester ads that spring up annually online. In an era where verified news reports are declared as "fake news," it is all the more important to recognize the April 1 internet pranks that are concocted by trusted brand names.

In Texas, police set up a speed trap to catch hikers, runners, and dog-walkers moving at injudicious speeds on the Trinity Trails. Officer Buddy Calzada pretended to catch trail users reaching alleged speeds of up to 107 miles per hour.

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In Papillion, Nebraska,  officials unveiled a new, highly secure holiday destination. It was a fake commercial that showed jail cells being described as a hotel rooms.

The "commercial" described "intimate" accommodations for up to eight people "in open-concept living quarters with the comforts of high security,"

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Police officers in Western Australia introduced new "aerodynamically designed", "sports mode" shoes for their patrolling officers. 

"From today, all officers will be issued custom footwear to enhance speed on foot chases. Aerodynamically designed with Sports Mode features, the sleek and stylish addition to the WA Police uniform will ensure we can’t be outrun," Western Australia Police wrote.


Police in Mittelfranken, Germany, announced on April Fool’s Day that they had made some small but mighty additions to their force.

Police in Mittelfranken, Germany,  announced the addition of "new" police ponies. Authorities said that due to their smaller size, the ponies could be used both inside and outside, such as in shopping malls or event halls, and had already become a permanent part of the existing police stables.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.