Another cold one Thursday with wind chills well below 0

I feel like a broken record this morning as our next wave of Arctic cold moves in, the 4th already this month. It's not any colder than what we've already experienced since January 1st, but that certainly doesn't make it any more pleasant... especially when that cold comes with gusty winds. It's that combo of very cold temps and gusty breezes over the last 24 hours that dropped wind chills to dangerous levels once again. Thankfully, they have bottomed out as winds have finally decreased, dropping to almost nothing in most spots. Chills dropped to the -40s in parts of the north late Wednesday and into early Thursday, but close to -30° for most spots in the Twin Cities.

The piece of optimism I can offer you is that today will be the "quintessential Minnesota day" where everyone in the state at some point in the day says,"You know, it's really not that bad without the wind." That's right, winds will be quite light this afternoon making it FEEL not quite as cold as much of yesterday.

However, enjoy the break from the wind while it lasts. Southerly breezes will pick up tonight leading to dangerously cold wind chills once again for early Friday morning before slightly warmer air arrives by Friday afternoon and our first of 3 chances for weekend snow Friday evening.