Algae bloom nearly closes beach on Lake Hiawatha

It’s a sign of summer in the city of lakes, as the Minneapolis Parks Department issues one of its first beach advisories of the season.

Lake Hiawatha in the Ericsson neighborhood is under a swimming advisory, after Blue Green Algae clumps were seen on the water’s surface this week.

According to the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, a water sample did not detect the toxin in the water Monday, but staff could visibly see algae starting to form. Later that day, wind blew an algae scum into the public beach area and officials decided to issue an advisory.

"I’m not super worried, but better safe than sorry," one beach goer told FOX 9. "We’re going to go to Lake Nokomis."

Lake Hiawatha tends to be prone to swim advisories, as it is a former marsh with low water levels.

"We’ve lived here many years, and it happens almost every year," said one Ericsson resident. "Our children used to swim here and now our grandkids don’t. They go to other lakes, because it’s posted very often."

Blue Green Algae can cause skin irritation and illness if ingested. 

It's advised potential swimmers should check the public beach advisories before going in the water at any beach.