Alexandria boy, who saw outpouring of support, celebrates recovery after cancer battle

Jack Albert (Supplied)

An Alexandria boy, who saw an outpouring of support from the community after his diagnosis, is celebrating successful cancer treatment.

Jack Albert was diagnosed with stage four Burkit's Lymphoma earlier this year. In February, FOX 9 detailed the lengths the Alexandria community had gone to show support for Jack – whose family was new to the community.

"From the bottoms of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough for your support, Alexandria," Kim Albert said in February. "Alexandria hockey and just the entire Alexandria community… We only just moved there nine months, and they have just taken us in. And that’s been enough time to build a family there because it’s such a special, amazing place."

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, his family shared some great news. "'This is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for. Jack responded beautifully to chemotherapy and the cancer is gone. Long gone.'"

"There are no words to describe our tremendous gratitude to the brilliant, caring team at Children's Minnesota for saving our little boy’s life. We will just have to settle for ‘thank you.’"