Al Franken speaks up about senate's healthcare draft

With the release of the Senate draft to replace the Affordable Care Act, the debate has moved from Washington to Minnesota.

The bill’s plan to slow the growth of Medicaid leaves many Minnesotans with questions. Frustrations poured out in a Burnsville forum attended by Senator Al Franken on Saturday.

At the moment, the new legislation would repeal the individual insurance mandate and eliminate taxes on the wealthy. In the House version of the bill, coverage was based solely on age. In the Senate version, subsidies would be based on income, age and cost of coverage.

The Senate version would essentially halt expansion for the entire program by reducing federal support. Many families in Minnesota worry this move will directly impact their health.

Republicans argue that Medicaid is unsustainable, yet hospitals and low-income patients rely on it.

Five Republican senators say they will vote against the bill.