Afghan soldier killed after wounding 7 U.S. soldiers

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) --  The U.S. military says that seven America soldiers were wounded in the insider attack by an Afghan soldier. A statement on the Resolute Support Twitter feed Saturday says the seven were wounded when an Afghan army soldier opened fire. The attacker was shot and killed and one Afghan soldier was wounded. There were no U.S. fatalities. 

A Taliban spokesman praised the attack but did not claim responsibility.


   7 p.m.

   Afghan officials say that at least four foreign soldiers have been wounded after an Afghan soldier opened fire on them, while the U.S. military confirms that at least some of the casualties are American soldiers.

   Abdul Qahar Araam, spokesman for the 209th Army corps, confirmed Saturday that an insider attack took place at a camp in Mazar-e Sharif. Araam said the soldiers returned fire and killed the attacker.

   Gen. Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry also confirmed the attack.

   The Resolute Support mission announced on its Twitter feed that "U.S. soldiers have been wounded" but said there were no U.S. fatalities. It said one Afghan soldier was killed and one wounded.

   Last week three U.S. soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier in eastern Nangarhar province.