Adorable 4-year-old gives COVID-19 advice: Only leave home ‘to count the rainbows’

Freya Beggs has become something of an amateur COVID-19 expert amid the pandemic. 

On May 8, the 4-year-old delivered a cute update on the coronavirus pandemic, appearing as a miniature newscaster while delivering an update from the comfort of a cardboard box.

In her update, Beggs recommended that other locals in her town of Antrim, Ireland only leave their homes “to count the rainbows.” Those rainbows may refer to how children in Greenisland, Ireland have been painting rainbows and putting them in windows for other kids to see while they're on walks.

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According to Freya’s mother Tina Beggs, the 4-year-old’s news update was unplanned and was not something the mom had seen her do before.

“She has shown an interest in the subject as to why she can’t see her nursery friends and family,” Tina told Storyful, “But I had no idea she had taken in so much information.”

Across the world, kids have been finding ways to make a difference amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One 12-year-old spent his allowance to make PPE for his grandmother.

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