Added patrols on Lake Minnetonka this 4th of July

Law enforcement in Hennepin County stepped up Lake Minnetonka patrols for this 4th of July. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office upped its patrol boats to eight, and the Minnesota Department of Resource had three boats patrolling the lake.

Orono Police also dispatched two officers to patrol from Big Island.

Additionally, Hennepin County established a dock and staging area, near the Arcola Bridge, for police and paramedics. Fox 9 cameras spotted some boaters getting removed from the lake, as well as a person receiving medical treatment.

As an additional safety measure, colored signs were placed on buoys so 911 callers could tell dispatchers the nearest colored buoy — allowing faster responses. And several local fire departments stood by for emergencies, including boat tows.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office plans to release arrest and call numbers on Tuesday.