AAA Minneapolis: Do not use Pokémon Go behind the wheel

AAA Minneapolis is urging drivers not to use Pokémon Go behind the wheel because it could lead to deadly consequences.

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"Crashes across the country last week involving the game should serve as a wake-up call to focus on the task of driving and not to be distracted," AAA Minneapolis said in a press release.

AAA Minneapolis says Pokémon Go should absolutely not be played while driving, and motorists need to be aware of others playing the game that might enter an intersection or cross a street at an inopportune time.

“Driving requires your full attention, and putting away your phone until you reach your destination could save your life,” AAA Minneapolis spokesperson Sabrina Caprioli said. “Pedestrians playing the game also should be aware so that they do not cross a busy intersection while distracted.”

Drivers playing Pokémon Go also could face jail time and fines.

"Most states have laws against distracted driving and every state has laws to prevent reckless driving. Motorists are likely to be pulled over by law enforcement if they are a threat on the road," AAA Minneapolis said.