7-year-old loses foot in St. Paul, Minn. train accident

A seven-year-old boy lost his foot in an accident involving a train in St. Paul Sunday night. 

According to St. Paul Police spokesperson Steve Linders, the seven-year-old and his brother were spending the night on Humboldt Avenue with family. The victim, his brother and a cousin wandered away from the house and saw the slow-moving train. 

The seven-year-old reportedly grabbed onto a train car and it began to drag him. His foot became stuck and was eventually severed. 

A bystander witnessed the accident near the 30 block of Plato Boulevard and called 911. Medics arrived on scene and transported the victim to Regions Hospital, where his foot was later amputated. His injuries are considered non-life threatening. 

"It's big, noisy, exciting for kids. They're curious so they want to get close to see what's going on," said Matt Simpson with the St. Paul Fire Department.

The train belonged to Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company.