6 inmates overdose at Morrison County Jail

Six inmates at the Morrison County Jail in Little Falls, Minnesota showed signs of overdosing and 5 were treated with Narcan. All of the inmates survived and were placed back in jail after being treated and evaluated at St. Gabriel’s Hospital.

According to the Morrison County Sheriff, jail staff were notified of an unresponsive inmate in a housing unit at 6:57 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11. Corrections officers called for backups, which includes help from Morrison County deputies, Little Falls Police, Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service and a nurse from St. Gabriel’s. Lifesaving efforts were started, including the administration of Narcan.

While treating the first unresponsive inmate, others in the same housing unit began showing signs of a potential overdose. All six inmates in the same housing unit were transported to St. Gabriel’s Hospital for treatment and monitoring before they were released back to the jail.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections has been notified of this incident. An investigation is being conducted by the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Little Falls Police Department.